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The Seduction Factor Book 2 by Scarlett Avery (book trailer) Alpha Male Billionaire Erotic Romance

Published: August 11, by Fanciful Erotica. Emma is charmed by two older men who takes her home and introduces her to the world of lust, humiliation, and pleasure. Her size-kink is explored and encouraged, as if her newfound interest in bondage and submission to strangers in public places.

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There is very little she will say no to once she discovers all the pleasures waiting for her. Words: 29, Published: August 5, by Fanciful Erotica. Mia stumbles upon a website that offers her money in exchange for giving viewers a show. Things spiral out of control when someone finds out her real identity.

Just how far is she willing to go to keep her secret life secret? Words: 39, Published: July 28, by Fanciful Erotica. Eighteen-year-old Kira is mistaken for an escort by a suave gentleman in an expensive sports car and decides to just run with it. Words: , Published: July 24, by Fanciful Erotica. Wild abandon is only the beginning of the relationships in these six steamy standalone stories. Innocent young women fall hard and fast for the dominating Alpha Werewolves who takes what they want and leaves them addicted.

They are completely at the mercy of the strong Alpha males with nowhere to run. Words: 94, Published: July 14, by Fanciful Erotica. In these three steamy short stories, dominating Alpha Werewolves fall hard and fast for the hapless and inexperienced young shifters who look up to and depend on them. They should do the right thing and keep their distance.

Words: 28, Published: July 7, by Fanciful Erotica. Selena is a naive Shifter who has spent her entire life in a special home for shifters like her. Her only link to the outside world is a Werewolf. Erik is a successful man almost twice her age and they've never met in person, but she can't wait to meet him when she's free. Except a series of bad decisions sends her straight into the arms of a man who makes her submit to perverse, terrible things. Words: 35, Published: June 30, by Fanciful Erotica.

see url Nigel knows it's wrong. He sees the young rabbit shifter that his young nephew is dating and knows that Ari is not meant to be his. He can't help it. She is always there, looking so perfect in her cute little sundress, so comfortable in his presence that she does not try to hide the rabbit ears from him.

The Billionaire's Stepsister ✓

Perhaps his nephew and him could learn to share. Words: 32, Published: June 24, by Fanciful Erotica. Rehabilitation has always been hard for Jason, even if he is the best in his line of work. His superior says because he's too soft for it, but he knows the real reason why. It's because he likes it too much, he likes when they send him the broken ones, the shifters that has been conditioned to be treated like the animals inside them. Words: 86, Published: June 17, by Fanciful Erotica. Paranormal Shifters 4 - 6 brings you three more steamy standalone stories with innocent young women stumbling into relationships with werewolves who strip them down and take them apart piece by piece.

Words: 25, Published: June 10, by Fanciful Erotica. Being one of the last female werewolves left in the country makes Anya special and desirable to unmated werewolves. Yet, for Anya, it means she is never safe. Werewolf packs from all over are out to get her. In order to keep her safe, Anya's brother locks her up in their cottage in the middle of nowhere.

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Oliver Quinn is a skilled pianist and a very handsome man. Can Mr. Nicky's first day at work is turning out to be a lot dirtier than she anticipated, even for a maid. It seemed like there was some kind of link between all of you. He would die for his siblings and the people they love, but what he really wants is to start a family of his own. I do not want to know what the book is about, I just trust her to take me along for a good ride. Mated to the Warriors by Grace Goodwin series Interstellar Brides 2 When circumstances leave her with little choice but to volunteer for the Interstellar Bride Program, Hannah Johnson finds herself matched with not one but two mates.

Words: 22, Published: May 29, by Fanciful Erotica. Kristine is eighteen and working a high-stress job at a company of men who think of her as a talking photocopy machine. She's the youngest personal assistant to the CEO, working with impossible deadlines and management meetings when he can't even be bothered to show up. It's really a matter of time before her fraying nerves snap and she crashes.

Download PDF Binding Heart Book 3 The Submission (BDSM Billionaire) (Master)

Except she crashes at the hands of a bad Dom. Published: May 21, by Fanciful Erotica. Genevieve doesn't mean for things to spiral so completely out of control. In the beginning, it was just way for her to make some extra cash so she can afford rent and stay with the man she has had a crush on since forever. James is devastatingly handsome, smart, and her brother's best friend. He must never find out the perverse things she's doing for internet strangers in exchange for money. Words: 83, Published: May 7, by Fanciful Erotica. This sizzling hot 6-book-bundle features sexy dominant men who take control of the innocent young submissives and coax them into surrendering no matter where they are, or who's watching Words: 44, Published: May 2, by Fanciful Erotica.

Blue-black bruises are just the perfect accessories for the innocent young submissive women in this bundle. Jane falls for a man too old for her, Tess surrenders to an Alpha who is vastly more experienced, and Olivia Words: 15, Published: April 24, by Fanciful Erotica. It starts out innocently enough. Tess Lang needs her photographs taken for some magazines and her manager, James, knows just the right guy to do it.

Photographer Nick Jones sees more than she is willing to show, but that's not necessarily a bad thing. Nick is so attractive that it makes her want to lick his face, so when he starts wrapping chains around her, she doesn't even question him. Words: 14, Published: April 17, by Fanciful Erotica.

Olivia isn't prepared for what she signed up for. Not even with her extensive internet search for that could come under the topic of 'rough sex'. She thinks she's prepared for whips, handcuffs, spanking, and even some pain, considering the contract mentioned that she'll have bruises. But as she stands in the room with the powerful man, all she can think of is how much she wants to run away.

Published: April 12, by Fanciful Erotica. To say that Jane's first thought upon seeing Mr. Martello was how wonderful it would be if he'd stopped playing the piano and played her instead would be a lie.

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She was, after all, a perfectly innocent young woman and he was too old for her. He was a man of few words, calm and mysterious. She was an open book, spontaneous and free-spirited. Time will handle the rest. Words: 43, Published: April 3, by Fanciful Erotica. In these three steamy short stories, innocent young women want to be humiliated and punished. Thankfully for them, there are strong alpha men more than willing to fulfill their every perverse desire.

Words: 16, Published: March 29, by Fanciful Erotica. Allie knows something is wrong when she is suddenly standing in front of a crowd of strangers and finds herself overcame with the urge to start undressing. She knows she's in serious trouble when her hands start moving and she does exactly that. Newly-married Marie and her husband Dom wants her first time to be very special, but Marie doesn't know how perverse it is going to be until the night arrives and she finds herself fearfully looking for an intruder in her own home. The powerful alpha male she marries isn't just rough, he's downright violent, using ropes, whips and other instruments to bring her to the edge of shame and beyond.

Published: March 13, by Fanciful Erotica.

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Compre Learning To Let Go: Submission (Billionaire Domination Erotica) ( Billionaire's Love Book 3) (English Edition) de Stella Hayne na solthobemas.tk You can download and read online Learning To Let Go: Submission (Billionaire Domination Erotica) (Billionaires Love Book 3) file PDF Book only if you are.

When Addie admits her deepest, darkest fantasies to her husband, she doesn't expect him to make them come true. The inexperience young woman doesn't just want multiple male lovers in her bed, she wants them to be rough and more than a little violent. She wants to be tied down and used until she begs them to stop, only for them to continue despite her protests until she cries out her safeword.

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Published: March 5, by Fanciful Erotica. Love is not just pleasure. It is trust, submissions, ropes, whips, and powerful men's desire to own In this complete Billionaire and Bosses Bundle, innocent young women are brought to their knees and made to submit to their carnal pleasures in private and in public. Words: 57, Published: February 25, by Fanciful Erotica.

The Billionaire Submissive by Joely Sue Burkhart

Shy, law-abiding secretary by morning, titillating, rule-bending seductress by night, Marie's life spirals out of control when carefully built walls to keep the two apart begin to crumble. Desperation for escape has her running to Vegas, but she finds herself at the clutches of powerful alpha males in very public places Words: 17, Published: February 14, by Fanciful Erotica.

Marie is in a lot of trouble when her lover finds her in the arms of black man, wearing nothing except her shame. She is punished and humiliated in more ways than one as the powerful alpha male shows her just who's in charge. Pain and pleasure intertwines as she surrenders to lovers who bring her to her knees and enthralls her completely. Words: 20, Published: February 12, by Fanciful Erotica.