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Average Review. Write a Review. Related Searches. View Product. Ein ehrenwerter Gentleman. Dass sie sich ineinander verliebt haben, ist bedeutungslos, denn eine Beziehung ist ausgeschlossen. Bis Edwards The Governess Wears Scarlet. Haunted by a terrible tragedy, Viscount Jason Steele roams the streetsof London as a masked Haunted by a terrible tragedy, Viscount Jason Steele roams the streetsof London as a masked vigilante.

The Heiress Effect 3. The Countess Conspiracy 4. Talk Sweetly to Me. All of my books get code names as I write them. The hero of this book is called by some the Wolf of Clermont. Or leave her hungry. Fists slammed against the wood surface. Despite that dramatic production, Hugo Marshall did not look up from the books. Instead he waited silently, listening to boots marking a path upon the carpet.

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After a moment, his patience was rewarded. Hugo raised his head. An untutored observer would focus on the Duke of Clermont, apparently in full command, resplendent in a waistcoat so shot with gold thread that it almost hurt the eyes. This observer would dismiss the drab Mr. Marshall, arrayed as he was in clothing spanning the spectrum from brown to browner. The duke was respectably bulky without running to fat; his patrician features were sharp and aristocratic.

He had mobile, ice-blue eyes that seemed to take in everything.

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Editorial Reviews. Review. "That's how Milan's writing is consistently When I read her books, I know I will be experiencing something better than good. The Governess Affair (The Brothers Sinister) (): Courtney Milan: Books.

Hugo set his pen down. Clermont positively bristled with an edgy nervousness. He rubbed his nose in a manner that was decidedly unmannered. There was nothing to see out the window but a Mayfair square. Autumn had turned green leaves to brown and yellow. A small bit of fading grass and a few dingy shrubberies ringed a wrought-iron bench, upon which a woman was seated. Her face was occluded by a wide-brimmed bonnet decorated with a thin pink ribbon. But his words were casual. Hugo gave him a stern look. The other man folded his arms in denial. He was a duke, and dukes had no notion of economization.

As it was, the books barely balanced? Convince your duchess that she well and truly wishes you back in her life.

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After that, you may laugh all you wish, Your Grace. There had been money up front in the marriage settlement. But that had disappeared quickly, paying off lingering mortgages and troubling debts. Clermont pouted.

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There was no other word for it; his shoulders slumped and he kicked at the edge of the carpet like a petulant child. What do I hire you for, if not to? You said that all I had to do was find an heiress and say whatever it took to make her happy. When will it end?

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Hugo raised his head and looked Clermont in the eyes. It was embarrassing. A duke should have known how to take charge. Sometimes, Clermont was like a little child? At this, he wrinkled up his nose. What you actually did was marry her and take up with an opera singer three weeks later.

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You knew you had to keep that girl happy. What were you thinking? How was I supposed to know she wanted fidelity from me? Hugo focused on the papers on his desk. Even his own late, unlamented father had managed fidelity: sixteen children worth of it, to be precise. But this was no time to remind the duke of his wedding vows. He sighed. It was his future at stake, too. He operated on a form of commission?