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This volume recounts the decline in the city's governance, spirit and ambition in the years following the handover. It links up the political, economic and constitutional structures that have led to weak policymaking, misallocation of public resources, favouritism towards vested interests and public anxiety and resentment. And it asks whether and how Hong Kong under Chinese sovereignty can get back on track and achieve its full potential as Asia's greatest Thief of Love. The Arthur File.

Harriet is a struggling professional historian. When she finds references in state papers to an anci. The Gilded Cage. Where's My Safety Net. Leading on the High Wire of Global Business. An essential resource for leaders who want to transform their global leadership style-and achieve results Leading in times of globalization can be exciting and challenging.

It requires specific, clear, and decisive leadership. The evolving knowledge economy has created a new playing field where simply having great leadership skills is not enough to succeed as a leader.

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Leading on a high wire of global business centers on eight key principles, which leaders must execute proficiently to achieve success. This book examines the global leadership challenges we currently face and the capacities we need to succeed and to outperform our competition in today's globaleconomy. A Love of High Places. John Nourse was born deep in the countryside of Devon, England in , ordained into the Church of England in Winchester Cathedral in , lived in Windsor Castle and the precincts of Canterbury Cathedral, amongst other places, and died back in Devon in After the war, following in his elder brother's, father's and great-grandfather's footsteps, he became a priest.

Medical Abbreviations and Other Interpretive Tools. This book is an indispensable aid for those working in the legal and medical professions, whether they are lawyers, judges, general practitioners or students. Set out in a clear and simple format, this unique reference book explains the meanings of the bewildering series of signs and abbreviations used by doctors in practice notes and hospital records.

The idea for compiling the book came about as a result of the authors' many experiences of poring over barely decipherable GP notes whilst considering claims in personal injuries, clinical negligence and professional inquiries. The book will be of great assistance as a handy reference in court. This reference book contains more than 1, medical abbreviations explained in simple language, including all the major medical and surgical specialities; an index of symbols and their meanings; prefixes and suffixes with their definitions and examples; a specialised section covering Ranges of Motion; and a detailed glossary of common neurological, orthopaedic and other tests.

Medical Abbreviations is cleverly illustrated with caricatures, which inject a dose of lightheartedness into what might otherwise be regarded as a pure textbook. The Survivalist. Sarah is sixteen, growing up on the streets of Melbourne, ignored and unnoticed. Until she witnesses something that makes her the target of the city's biggest drug dealer.

Jack Nathan's life fell apart. He lost his family and his job. But he made a new start and when he took Sarah's call at a crisis centre he became her only hope of surviving the ruthless killers hell-bent on getting her at any cost. Epicentre: Hong Kong. Following a series of misadventures in the Scottish Highlands, the impetuous geologist, Dr Ewan MacLeod, arrives in Hong Kong to work on a deep tunnel project.

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From routine site investigations he soon uncovers evidence that a major earthquake could soon be unleashed upon the over-crowded territory with its population of seven million and 60, highrise buildings, not to mention an ageing nuclear power station upwind, just across the border. His attempts to warn the authorities lead him to confrontation, tragedy and, ultimately, to facing his own destiny. It might sail a bit close to the wind for some people in Hong Kong though. With this new edition of "Dear Mother Putnam" new and old readers alike will be reminded of the suffering as well as the heroism of Filipinos and their allies during the dark days of the Japanese occupation.

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Benito Legarda Jr. The Complete Minder. MINDER was one of Britain's top television shows, spanning the s and s, seen by millions of viewers in more than 80 countries around the world.

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With comprehensive details of every episode, writer, director and actor, this is an invaluable reference source not just for MINDER fans but anyone interested in television history. The Author: Cockney born and bred, raised in and around East London, a committed 'Minderphile', and with extensive research and writing experience, Brian Hawkins was the ideal person to put together this fascinating and detailed study of an important The Motherland.

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In s Canton, Prosperity Wong has a wife, a mistress, two sons and two daughters, and has a comfortable life as the proprietor of a silk shop. But the Imperial Japanese Army threatens. The family endures the occupation of the city, a son leaves to join the resistance. After liberation the family builds new lives in Hong Kong and America, in business and academe. She taught English at a number of schools in Hong Kong and passed away in after a long battle with cancer.

'Safety net' for good leaders

All proceeds from sale of this book will go towards the Hong Kong Cancer Fund. What would the gods of Mount Olympus do with 24 hours in Hong Kong?

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"Where's my Safety Net" Leading on the High Wire of Global Business - Kindle edition by Emilia Gallo. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC. Where's my Safety Net Leading on the High Wire of Global Business (English Edition) [eBook Kindle] pdf epub ebooks download free.

Why are Ulysses and Mercury mixed up with gangsters? And who -- or what -- is the Pied Piper of Homantin? Classical gods and heroes. Men and women of myth, legend and folklore. Characters from the greatest 19th and 20th century novels.

All of them relocated, reimagined and retold in this collection of short stories and poetry from the Hong Kong Writers Circle. Praise for previous Hong Kong Writers Circle anthologies: "'Love and Lust's appeal' lies in the hybrid mixture of its contributors; their cultural perspectives resulting in widely differing and often hilarious takes on the theme. Some of the new sectors that will be included under the extended Act include education, retail and business services.

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By extending the Act to all workplaces, the government hopes to reduce fatality incident rates to less than 1. Under the Act, employers must ensure that they provide employees with clear plans and resources to keep their workplace safe and remove or control risks at work. It also requires employees to follow safety procedures and report unsafe Workplace Safety and Health WSH Act work conditions or behaviours.

SMRT for example, has programmes lined up to educate, train and prepare staff on the extended Act. The company is also conducting safety audits and has established guidelines and procedures for risk assessments and incident reporting. According to Neo, some of the common safety hazards that SMRT employees face include slips, trips and falls as well as ergonomics-related injuries.

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To prevent this, the company has appointed safety ambassadors. The company has also been educating its employees about the extension of the Act through training. The government has been giving assistance to help smaller companies adopt and implement risk management strategies. The Ministry of Manpower and the WSH Council have also been conducting free clinics to educate employers and employees alike. Employers agree that WSH Act will be useful in ensuring that companies will take workplace safety seriously.

However, we have seen that a small risk can potentially cause loss of lives. In essence, to remain competitive and lead through ever-changing market conditions, they have to strike the right balance — they need to get it right with the employees they have, while attracting the right talent for the next phase of growth. Indian companies plan to bump up hiring in the remaining part of the financial year, with IT businesses leading the hiring activity. According to research conducted by MyHiringClub.

This year, India is seeing job creation in all industries, functions and company sizes. The extra funding is aimed at getting more companies involved, especially SMEs.